A World Leader in Formwork & Scaffolding

Ulma Formwork is owned by the ULMA Group, which is part of the Mondragon Corporation, a leading business in the Basque Region and is the seventh largest in the whole of Spain. Based in Oñati, the company was started in 1961 and is one of the top formwork and scaffolding providers in the world, with the group currently present in 80 countries, employing 7,000 people and with an annual turnover in excess of 700 million euros.

In November 2013, Ulma signed an agreement with the Delmon Group in ULMAs headquarters in Oñati. The vision was to combine the technology, expertise and resources of ULMA with the local knowledge, strong regional presence and solid reputation of Delmon in the Gulf. Under the agreement, both companies are committed to high level cooperation and form the foremost temporary works company in the Gulf.



  • Access to a large global network of professionals with worldclass knowledge in formwork, scaffolding and shoring.
  • Product quality which has been approved and certified by international institutions.
  • Comprehensive and continuous customer service and solutions for formwork, shoring and scaffolding structures.
  • Logistics close to the customer with local strategic centres.
  • Qualified and close commercial and technical support backed by a leading international company in the sector.
  • Guaranteed cutting-edge technology adapted to the market that integrates the experiences of Delmon and ULMA.

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