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Fast Track Tables

Fast and Efficient Formwork Solution

The Fasttrack table system is an aluminum slab formwork system that is pre-assembled and moved around site by crane, thereby reducing labour, time and cost. With its distinctive steel and aluminium truss as a primary the Fastrack Tables can be much larger than conventional tables. They are ideally suited to high rise construction.

Using steel and aluminium beams Fasttrack tables are designed exactly to the project requirements and are suited to incorporate drop beams. They have all the traditional advantages of conventional tables plus they can be made much larger so much greater area of slab deck can be moved in a single lift.



Light, Quick, EfficientDelmon---Fasttrack-Tables-Mini3


  • Saves time on jobsite as large pre-assembled tables are moved by crane with dismantling.
  • Excellent solution to leading edge makes it a very safe system.
  • Faster and safer striking procedure.
  • Reduced labour requirement.
  • Reduced damage and less consumables used.
  • Excellent concrete finish achievable.
  • Very simple to use.
  • Very fast cycle times.

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